Rooted in the Arts and Crafts Movement, folk art, scientific illustration, and American tattooing, and inspired by the fusion of beauty and function, Lonesome Pictopia creates gorgeous one-of-a-kind custom wall treatments.


Our approach: Our passion for craftsmanship shows in our incredible (some might say obsessive) attention to detail. We excel at communication and collaboration, and apply dynamic, three-dimensional thinking to our projects, allowing us to tailor every aspect of your project to you and your space. We consider light, furnishings, design, era, geography, and the personalities and stories of the people who will occupy a space. We're wizards of color and layout, and we just really really love making rooms beautiful.

Our technique:  Through hand-painting, subtle variations in detail impart the sense of a captivating, living world, utterly different than the flat repetition of printed wallpaper. Unlike wallpaper, we can handle walls with a fair amount of texture, so we're a great choice for mild- to medium- textured walls. In our mural work, we love adapting to and engaging in a dialogue with the rooms we're in—drawing details and features on-site to tailor our work to the space. 


Melanie Nead

Founder and bossy-pants Melanie Nead brings her fifteen years' experience as a custom tattoo artist at beautiful Icon Tattoo to bear on her approach to interiors. She loves collaborating with clients to create something that exceeds their wildest expectations. She draws inspiration from her passion for botany and biology (she's a huge plant nerd, don't get her started) and historical sources, especially Art Nouveau, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and folk art traditions from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She adores applied and decorative arts and has never once been accused of being a minimalist. She speaks Spanish, plays drums with her husband Peter Rainbeau, writes fiction, and is way too into her orange cat, Orange Cat.

Photo: Andrew Stanbridge

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Sierra Handley-Merk

Painting assistant/Estanciera Sierra has spent her years of experience in the decorative art world focusing on antiques restoration and custom surface treatments for objects new and old. Lately she has apprenticed at a shop that specializes in old-world water gilding and architectural oil gilding. Sierra is endlessly inspired by the beautiful design and craftsmanship of antique utilitarian objects and architectural details (she's very easily distracted by interesting doorknobs), historical interior design, and the processes involved in creating handmade things.

Photo: Jonya Streeper


Patrick Hanna

Graphic designer and production artist Patrick has a lengthy background in the corporate design and production world. During his tenure with Columbia Sportswear, he helped design and develop a variety of branded products ranging from Olympic ski uniforms to Starwars colab jackets. In all his design efforts, Patrick strives to be as efficient and earth-impact conscious as possible—virtues that he took to heart after a few years of living on the small island nation of Dominica. When Patrick’s not working with Lonesome Pictopia, he can usually be found raising his son, collecting rare vinyl from the Caribbean, or working on small business design and branding through his company Competitive Art.

Photo: Roddy Orgeron