Sultry alchemical hand-painted “wallpaper” mural for cozy, elegant cocktail bar


Psychic Bar, when opening their sweet bar in a remodeled Victorian on Portland’s hip Mississippi Avenue, wanted something that would complement the name/theme without being kitschy, and would bring interest to the dark paint palette and keep the space from feeling grim. We tapped into imagery from tarot, palmistry, and masonic sources to create this beautiful repeat, entirely hand-painted in gold, with teal accents we color-matched to the face of the bar.

beautiful cocktail bar decor.jpg

Large-scale leaf mural for an airy salon


For their beautiful new salon, the clients wanted something unique to tie together and anchor the wall above the wash sinks—the heart of the salon. We proposed a dark background to help create a sense of calm and cohesion with the various elements on that wall—tiles, wood, chairs and sinks—and leaves that wrap onto the neighboring walls for a dynamic, three-dimensional feeling. The salon is very light, bright, and plant-filled, so the leaves we chose added drama and depth to the space, as well as referencing the plants within it. The overall aesthetic is a little mid-century, a little Victorian, a little modern, a little Northwest, so we pulled all these together for a delightful, playful mural with a large scale that pairs beautifully with the small penny tile below.


Revisiting “Everything” walls for Bernstein’s Bagels’ new location


When Bernstein’s Bagels opened a new, expanded location in late 2018, we approached the project with an elegant, playful, elaborate expansion on the “everything bagel bouquet” concept from their original shotgun location in St. John’s. The new shop is housed in an historic 1894 building—one of the few surviving examples of Chicago-style commercial architecture in Portland—so we did a deep-dive into late 1800’s commercial design, and filtered that historical sense through a contemporary lens, combining a hand-painted repeat pattern with a freehand frieze and large-scale mural depiction of the original everything bagel bouquet. All the elements of the everything bagel bouquet recur throughout the mural—poppy, sesame, caraway, wheat, barley, onion, garlic, and sea salt.

hand painted wallpaper frieze.jpg

Everything bagel "wallpaper" for Portland's best bagel shop


Bernstein's Bagels cares about what they do—their bagels are hand-rolled and made with care in their tiny, owner-operated St. Johns location. The atmosphere is happy, bright, and fun, and we created this step and repeat pattern of beautiful bouquets to showcase all the ingredients in their signature everything bagels: wheat, barley, poppy, sesame, caraway, onion, garlic, and sea salt. The "Bagels" feature beneath the display case was drawn freehand on site to compliment the Everything wall (and the bagels themselves, of course!)

BagelShop (1 of 17).jpg
Floral Wallpaper Hallway.jpg