Melanie has brought so much beauty to our projects!  She has the ability to intuit exactly what a space will need, and execute a beautiful decorative painting with so much grace and ease.  She is an incredibly talented artist, as well as being the kindest and most charming human being you may ever have the good fortune to meet.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Heidi Caillier

Heidi Caillier Design

I am an interior designer who worked with Melanie on a dining room project for a client of ours. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Not only is she incredibly talented (seriously gorgeous work!) but she is such a wonderful person, and a total pleasure to work with. Our clients loved having her in their home, and the process could not have gone any better. We are just starting to work with her on another project and are so looking forward to the whole thing. 

Leor Zlotnik

LZ Interiors

Backstory: Our team at LZ Interiors hires Melanie for a very high profile baby nursery for a client who has incredible and very discerning taste. I found Melanie through another designer who admired her work on Instagram. When I interviewed her over the phone she ticked all the boxes for me. She was helping a designer complete an 18m renovation where a well respected designer ordered wallpaper and when the samples came in the colors were drab and they therefore hired Melanie at lonesome Pictopia to create handmade wallpaper painted on the walls. When I saw the pictures of her work - it was the most stunning mural work I have ever seen. I knew she would be perfect for my project. 

The job: Melanie and her team worked tirelessly for a week pulling 12 hour days to create a butterfly secret garden. She understands scale and proportion and was able to create the most dreamy nursery I have ever designed to date. The room was chic and not kitschy. It projected the sophisticated elegance that my client was looking for. She in an absolute professional and worth every penny. I will no doubt work with her again. The client loved not only her work but collaborating with her as did I. She is superstar in her field and beyond lovely to work with. 
Professionalisms: Melanie and her team are extremely reliable and since we were working in a very strict and high end building that required permits she was able to provide the building with all her paperwork in a timely manner. She also was working on the nursery while the client was living in the apartment and was extremely respectful . Thr client was even sad to see her leave!
I without a doubt recommend this vendor and am happy to give any verbal recommendations as they truly are the real deal and I am so pleased to celebrate their success.

Absolute joy to work with Melanie and her team. Super easy to communicate with, saw that our home was cared for and the work that was done is exquisite! We supplied examples of patterns/aesthetic that we liked and they were used to come up with a custom design that we absolutely love and will continue to love for many years to come.

-James & Grace

Residential Clients